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This is a quick update on recent news that has come to the attention of HIANN. You might find this information interesting and possibly beneficial. So, we thought we should share it with you.

New TBI Treatment              

Dr. Linda Isaac, the Director of Rehabilitation at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, has begun a program to help TBI survivors and others with a new treatment called Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This new treatment and associated pilot test program recently received approval of the Federal Food and Drug Administration. By using specialized equipment that creates magnetic stimulation to the brain, her program has had success with improving the cognitive abilities of acute TBI survivors. This is a very new and interesting TBI treatment development. We will be sure to keep in contact with Dr. Isaac and hope to share her progress with you over the coming months.  You might want to watch the YouTube video at the following link and don’t miss second video that runs right after the first.

Financial Program For Disabled - Able Nevada
We have recently learned about a new financial program for people with disabilities that is offered by the State of Nevada and other selected states called Able Nevada. The program was established for individuals of any age that had a disability prior to the age of 26. It allows for the establishment of an investment account for someone that is disabled that can be used for specific types of expenditures like health and wellness, education, housing… For disabled individuals that have SSI, which is the case for many of our members, the total dollar amount in the account under $100,000 does not count against their benefits for SSI. There are also tax free advantages. Please go to the following web site for additional information about the program, and how to set-up and fund an account.

Cognitive Training Class For TBI Survivors
Amanda Sumrall from UNR and HIANN’s instructor for our class this past summer, is hosting a new Cognitive Training class for TBI survivors at UNR that starts on March 7th. The information on the class can be found at the following link:

Please note that HIANN is providing this information as a service to our members, survivors and caregivers. HIANN is not offering medical, financial or tax advice. We are simply providing information that we believe may be of interest to some of our members.