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Go-Cart Racing

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Second HIANN Sponsored Go-Cart Race Day Is Here!

Saturday, May 18 From 2:00 PM To 5:00 PM

HIANN was again able to make arrangements for go-cart racing at the Carson Raceway      indoor track in North Carson City. We had a great time last October and all participants will get the opportunity to dethrone our 2018 champions Wyatt and Michelle. We will have groups of 5 - 6 members race for approximately 20 laps around an indoor oval go-cart track. Winners of their heats will advance to a final round during our last hour and we should have time for interested members to race a second time. Caregivers, family, guests and children over the age of 12 or big enough to reach the peddles are invited to attend. Members with mobility issues will be given the first priority for rides and their preferred times.

When: May 18, Saturday, Sunday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: 3777 North Carson Street, Carson City NV 89706 - Just South of the Carson    Tahoe Regional Medical Center on the opposite side of the road

 Who: All members, caregivers, family, children and guests are invited and encouraged  to attend. 

!!!!!!  We have room for about 36 – 40 racers so reservations are required  !!!!!!

Please contact Jeff McDaniel at or call/text (209) 482-8562 to schedule your reservation. Races will be scheduled every 20 minutes.

Light refreshments and smacks will be served.